Schoology on School iPads

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We have recently learned that logging into Schoology via the ClassLink iPad app, causes certain frequently used features to disappear or no longer function. The developers are working toward a solution but until further notice please log into ClassLink via the web browser in order to use Schoology effectively.

Directions for signing in via the web browser:

  1. Locate the Safari Web Browser and tap to open. All iPads come with Safari pre-installed. However, if you cannot locate it on a personal device, install it from the App Store. All PCPS issued iPads will already have it installed.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Tap Students in the gray menu bar.
  4. Under the Quick Links for Students section, Tap ClassLink for Students.
  5. If the page that opens says, “Error”, Tap the blue Back to login button. Once you see the ClassLink Sign In page move to step 6.
  6. Type the students name and password in the appropriate text fields and Tap Sign In. *DO NOT use after the username.
  7. You should now see a screen with various apps. If so, you have logged in correctly.

If you have any issues, please contact the school.